Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crazy or Not....

Crazy or not, B* arrives tomorrow for a two week visit.  The "Plan" (and there have been many) is that he will be back permanently by the end of the year.

My game plan: 
1. Gauge reaction to an early 2009 DE cycle.  
2. Get $10k raise by end of 2008 (must, must, must happen!) - my review is tomorrow and this is where I plan to plant the seed.  Increases will be known by November and take place in January - Universities are slow, by my lovely private institution is slightly recession proof (so yeah!)
3. Begin clinic inquiries 

Where will DE cycle happen? 

With him: Local uber expensive clinic
Without him: some place cheaper

In other news: I have been swimming 2-3 times a week and am feeling quite fit, moreso that probably the last 5 years (plus).  I am also down another 5 lbs which brings the grant weight loss total to 20lbs - and am now at my same weight from 10 years ago and fitting into size 4 (on the bottom) which feels like a major league accomplishment.  

Onward and upward!!!!!

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