Monday, June 02, 2008

Less Self Pity

I am getting very tedious with all this self pity. I need to resolve to trade in the self pity for positive affirmations.

Now let me think....

B* is coming back
I am getting a promotion (soon)
I made my jenny craig goal weight at the end of December (4 months) and have maintained it (5 months)
I've recently joined a few social networking sites and am having fun reconnecting with people I haven't seen or spoken to in 26 years - (that is a long time!)
I'm reading Embryo Culture and enjoying it (i feel like I am reading the diary of someone I know - more on that later)
My baby boy is ready for intermediate dog agility (he is so cute!)

OK, how did I do?


Summer said...

That's a great list! Congrats on getting to your jenny craig goal weight and maintaining it!

I recently did the social networking thing, too and it's kind of funny to reconnect with people like that. It helps you see how far you've come.

calliope said...

WOW! That is awesome about keeping the weight off!!

Let me know when you are done with Embryo Culture so we can dish. I liked lots of it, but wasn't too keen on how the time went back & forth.

PlainsongGirl said...

I wish I would have read you entry from 08-16-07

I think I am still holding on to the fantasy that some day someone is going to take care of me -

I probably wouldn't have gone through with my marriage 10 days later...

That clothing store really exists?? LOL