Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Mail Delivery Subsystem

Dear DE coordinator at My RE's office:

- It's me Jade, the forever in-waiting mode patient. I said I would contact you towards the end of the year to discuss next steps.

Without boring you with too many details - I do not think that B* is as serious about this as I am - and financially I really can't swing donor egg on my own. So I am at a crossroads.

Option 1 - Wait until B* is back in the US (probably May) and then see if he will come around.

Option 2 -Proceed without him one way or the other.

So if I go with Option 2 - I am wondering if I should be considering embryo adoption. Here are my questions:

Does My RE's office do embryo adoption?
As a single, 43 year old female, will I be an unattractive candidate?
What are the costs involved?
What would be the next steps?

I wish my outlook for donor egg was brighter - but why do donor egg, if the sperm is not coming from your designated partner. Please email me back any info you have and let's try to connect if you are in town during the next few days. My phone: xxxx (cell)

Thanks, Jade

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To: Jade

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very bad, very bad indeed. Even the DE coordinator has moved on with her life.


steinbockfrau said...


E-mail me if you want any info on the clinic that I went to that does something called shared donors- I understand it is a LOT less expensive.

Still sucks ass that B isn't on the same page at the right time.


millie said...

Embryo donation can be a wonderful choice/path. I'm in the 2ww from my second ED cycle (I also did one fresh and one frozen DE cycle). Please feel free to write with any questions you might have.

There are a couple of large clinic programs where you can get on their waitlist for about $100. Typically the cost is the same as a FET so roughly $2500. There are also sites where you can match privately and agencies that help coordinate matches.

BTW most clinics/REs do not call it embryo adoption but embryo donation or donor embryos. The term "embryo adoption" is one used by certain right wing organizations with a particular political agenda.

Drowned Girl said...

I hope you manage to get moving, somehow!

PS - Add your blog here?

Summer said...

I'm glad to hear from you, even if the news isn't the best. I'm glad you are considering option 2.