Tuesday, October 16, 2007

plugging plugging plugging

I'm doing lots of hard work over here and I hope there will be a pay off.

I have now lost nearly 10 lbs (less than 1/2 lb to go to the 10 lb mark) and so the clothes are fitting better and I can actually wear a belt and not feel like I have a pooch. My goal was to lose 12 lbs but I am tempted to add 5 lbs to the goal so I have more of a cushion for baby weight gain.

I have to say this Jenny Craig diet really works - my biggest challenge is at night when I love to nosh non-stop. I've replaced all my evil snacks with carrots sticks and jello-free zero calorie.

My back is feeling a lot better which also helps - I feel more energized and able to complete tasks.

I am also ramping up the Pilates which can only help.

And, I sold a house so I get commission (which only gets applied to debt relief).

Little by little, step by step, progress....

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Silver Lining Part 3

A few updates:

3 weeks on Jenny Craig and I am now 5 pounds lighter - clothes are fitting better - 7 pounds until I reach my ultimate goal.

B* is coming home in December and it looks like he will be teaching in Pittsburgh and commuting from DC (3 hours). This is a step in the right direction, back on the same continent and under the same roof for at least part of the week.

Pilates personal training (a duet)- I am working with a personal trainer on the pilates equipment with a friend who is trying to build up her post-partum abdominal strength. It is a great workout and I know it is going to reap great benefit for my mid-section.

ta ta for now.