Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Have you seen Jenny?

Or maybe it should be -- have you seen Valerie (as in Bertinelli)?
I'm old enough to remember her as the younger kid sister on "One Day at a Time" and when she graced that pages of Tiger Beat Magazine. I had the same Farrah hair effect going back in the late 70's.
Anyway - after the car wreck and the back pain, I was feeling pretty decrepit and I wanted to feel more empowered.
I started physical therapy for my back, plus some nice muscle relaxants - the back is starting to improve and I am going to reintroduce Pilates into my routine. I now have the joy of wearing inserts in my shoes and have to focus more on using the inside of the foot when I walk.
I also decided to do something a little extreme, I joined Jenny Craig !!! I am one of those people who is obsessed with the last 10 pounds. I have little self control in the food category but have been lucky in the past with a relatively good metabolism and lots of exercise. As I've gotten older I can't work out like I use to and I'm still eating like I do 2 hours of aerobics every day - when I am instead nursing a back injury.

I have to say my expectations were low, but the food is good and I do feel full - and I am only eating 1200 calories which is much less than I thought I would be able to tolerate.
Tonight is the second weigh-in and I will have an update tomorrow. Losing the last 10 lbs is a good project for me while TTC is on hold. My goal for the fall is to be thin and fit - a good running start for a mid-life pregnancy (I hope).


daisychain said...

Good for you. I did Jenny Craig about 10 years ago, when the food was not as good, and it really helped. I liked it. If I could have afforded it on my college student budget I would have kept it up for a year, (did 6 months). After that I was kind poor and went back to Top Ramen (big mistake). :) Glad to hear an update from you. I worry ya know.

peep said...

Good luck with the new goal! I'll be interested to hear how it goes, I may try it too.

suzzcq70 said...

Another fellow Farrah hairdo back in the day, but was it before or after the Dorothy Hamill do? I forget, LOL!