Friday, September 28, 2007

In search of life's silver lining...

I've been neglecting my blog but have been a loyal reader of other blogs lately.

Sooo many babies these last few weeks:
IF and the City

Thalia's Fertility Journey

Changing Expectations

It's really really great. And many newly preggers.

So ofcourse I feel like I am still living in the weigh station of life. To cope I am keeping myself insanely busy. Jenny Craig (no weight loss this week - arggghhh), dog agility training for Mr. Bozo the Dog, and now I am starting pilates personal training with my post partum friend Becky. It's all about the self -esteem in the end, looking good and feeling good.

I continue to have no idea whether B* will be back for good in December. His life is so good in Australia (professionally) why would he want to come back? I offered to move over there and he said no, he wants to come back to the I wait.

I have resolved to absolutely start DE in January with or without him. I am trying to find some extra money through selling real estate on the side, but hello...have you checked the home sale market lately? It is hideous.

The bright side of life? Work is going well (my day job) and I might even get to go to Seoul on business in December. I will know in a few weeks. If it pans out, B* and I will meet up somewhere like Tokyo or the likes for an Asian adventure. Could be very exciting. Could be a silver lining of sorts....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Have you seen Jenny?

Or maybe it should be -- have you seen Valerie (as in Bertinelli)?
I'm old enough to remember her as the younger kid sister on "One Day at a Time" and when she graced that pages of Tiger Beat Magazine. I had the same Farrah hair effect going back in the late 70's.
Anyway - after the car wreck and the back pain, I was feeling pretty decrepit and I wanted to feel more empowered.
I started physical therapy for my back, plus some nice muscle relaxants - the back is starting to improve and I am going to reintroduce Pilates into my routine. I now have the joy of wearing inserts in my shoes and have to focus more on using the inside of the foot when I walk.
I also decided to do something a little extreme, I joined Jenny Craig !!! I am one of those people who is obsessed with the last 10 pounds. I have little self control in the food category but have been lucky in the past with a relatively good metabolism and lots of exercise. As I've gotten older I can't work out like I use to and I'm still eating like I do 2 hours of aerobics every day - when I am instead nursing a back injury.

I have to say my expectations were low, but the food is good and I do feel full - and I am only eating 1200 calories which is much less than I thought I would be able to tolerate.
Tonight is the second weigh-in and I will have an update tomorrow. Losing the last 10 lbs is a good project for me while TTC is on hold. My goal for the fall is to be thin and fit - a good running start for a mid-life pregnancy (I hope).