Friday, August 03, 2007

Up in Flames

Earlier this week I received a call from my sister that she had been fired from her job in nyc - it's an admin job and not very taxing so it was a bit of shock to think she would be let go for performance related issues. So this was depressing, my 38 year old sister being fired from a job for which she is overqualified. But she is getting a severance and can always temp- but it feels like a very dead end blow.

I mention her age because she lives the life of a 22 year old, going to concerts, staying out all night partying. She even showed up at my grandmother's 90th birthday 30 minutes late (1 p.m.) in the clothes from the night before.

So I get to work this morning and she calls me in tears. There has been a fire in her apartment, the kitchen is destroyed and everything in the apartment is on the floor and soaking wet. So I asked,
"when did the fire start?"
her answer "they think around 4 am"
and I say, "where were you?"
"hanging out with friends in Williamsburg"
"when did you get back and find out about the fire?"
"7 a.m. this morning" so now I am not feeling that sympathetic, but then she continues,
"My cat died in the fire" - when I heard her say this I just lost it,
I started screaming about her ridiculous lifestyle and how things need to change.

I feel sick thinking about the cat. What a horrible thing to happen to a little innocent creature, to die alone in an apartment fire, while her "mom" was partying it up in Williamsburg.

The cause of the fire was a can of scotch guard that exploded under the sink (combustion caused by heat).

Everything in her apartment is water and smoke damaged and she has no insurance.

I called B* and broke out into sobs over the cat, which then turned to a plea for us to have a normal like - " I just can't take much more of this" I told him.

I am going home from work early today so I can go hug my dogs.


Changing Expectations said...

I am so sorry to hear about your sister and her cat. Fires are terrible. I never thought that a can under the sink could cause this.

daisy said...

Wow, I think I just had a light bulb moment about what is under my sink. I need to check it out. Of course, I do all my partying here, in front of my computer. Poor cat. It must have been terrible. Scream at her from me too!