Thursday, August 30, 2007

A run of bad luck - what else is new?

I've had a run of bad luck this last week:

I crashed my car into another car (i'm fine) resulting in major league auto repair so insurance rates are likely to go up in the near future.

I had a major electrical short in my house resulting in half the house being without power for several days until an electrician could come in and get it fixed.

My back, which has been acting funny most of the summer, is now really out of whack and I had to go to the doctor for real drugs and am waiting for a call back from the physical therapist to schedule a series of appointments.

Commons themes: things are breaking, money is going out the door

My master plan to re-engage in real estate as a side business to make extra money has turned into a bit of a bust with the current financial conditions driving everyone out of the market and into hiding.

So where is my silver lining?


calliope said...

YIKES! That is a lot of stuff.
I guess, for me, a random friend in blogland, the silver lining is that you are not hurt & your house did not burn down.

But still- lots of sucky going on for you & I am sorry.


m said...

ugh, what a week. Hey, things can only get better, right? I reckon they could have been worse. Glad that you weren't hurt in the accident and I do hope you're feeling better soon.

daisychain said...

Hey there,
Thinking about you. How are things?