Thursday, August 02, 2007

Calling the Donor Coordinator

I just called the Donor Coordinator in my RE's office. I had to tell her that I am not ready to get started. I asked her not to give up on me and not to kick me out the program. Sounds sort of desperate and pathetic....
She was understanding and supportive. Now she has to convince my donor not to give up on me and the donor egg poor donor has been postponed twice now on my account and I feel bad for doing this to her.
Where we left things: I am calling the RE's office in 2 months (October 1) to confirm the calendar for a target transfer date of December 10th. If we don't do the transfer that week we will have to wait until Mid-January because the lab will be closed. I don't want to wait until mid-January - for many reasons.
I discussed the contingency of donor sperm if B* flakes on me completely. She said this is no problem.
Interesting side note: she told me that when there is male factor infertility they often mix the sperm of the husband/male partner with that of a donor's - resulting in a greater chance of fertilization. It's interesting to me because this means you really don't know who the "father" is unless you do genetic testing in these cases.
I am very excited for Lara who got some good news this week after a very long journey.

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daisychain said...

I like your plan. It sounds like a good one. From what I understand donors often get delayed for various reasons. I know that both of the ones we were considering were delayed from their original start dates due to medical and other issues of the recipients. I hope she hangs in there with you.