Thursday, July 05, 2007

What is there to say?

No big reports from Lies My Mother Told Me except to say that it is looking like B* will be in Australia through November. He has promised me he will come home for a visit in August.

This raises the stakes in a huge way on the DE front. It means that for the 1 week that he is in the states I will have to drag him down to the RE's office and get him to sign all of the paperwork, write a big check and go and do his business in the room with the magazines. From past experience, I know that these type of scenarios result in meltdown and retreat. But I have been waiting to move on DE now for 9 months!!!! an entire pregnancy - and I have watched two cycles of baby birds go from the egg stage to full birth and feathers on my window sill.

My greatest fear is that he is just stringing me along with no intent to ever move forward. If this is the case, drastic measures may be warranted. I really really don't want to be forced into this position, and I refuse to let my mind go there, but 30 days from now I may be forced to. But for now, there is nothing to say.


calliope said...

ugh. the delays just blow.
so sorry. wish I could help, but I'm waiting on the curb as well. ugh!!

Changing Expectations said...

Sorry to hear about the delay. Keep us posted with updates.

darch said...


rae said...

i hope he jumps in feet first with you on this cycle. its your turn and its about friggin time.
hugs to you....