Thursday, July 26, 2007

Paper Moon - Choices

What is real and what isn't?

I have been warned by several people in my life to judge B* on his actions, not his words. He has a very powerful unconcious. He doesn't always live up to his promises.

Last february we agreed to postpone the DE cycle until September for financial reasons. So here we are on the verge of August and I am starting to get the impression that he is looking for more reasons for us not to get started.

This is very depressing, naturally. The truth is that he may never be ready.

So now I am facing the reality of the going it alone route and what that would look like. Here are my options (blogger input on options requested):

1. go forward with already identified donor and obtain donor sperm ($25,000+)
2. go the embryo adoption route - using some one else embies on ice ($5,000)
3. known donor - find someone who I know who donate eggs & use donor sperm ($17,000)
4. go the adoption route ($15,000-$40,000)
5. wait for B* to come around and then do DE with him


calliope said...

wow. I am so so sorry for all of the (continued) delays.
I may be totally biased due to my own status- but I think proceeding solo is a great option for you. I know you want to do this with B, but like you said, his actions are talking loud and clear. And maybe all you need to do is to go forward without him- maybe that could spark a fire under him to get involved.

As for the looks like a HUGE savings to do donor embryo. If you are considering donor egg & donor sperm...well, why not go for the "done" option.

This is all huge stuff to grapple with and I hate that this already complicated stuff is oh so much harder.

Please e-mail me if you want to vent!

Drowned Girl said...

2, if not 5!