Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll....

Sex -
Well not much sex to speak of...particularly with your partner on the opposite side of the globe. He says he misses me very much, he even talked to a DC-Based consulting firm about a position. I told him not to do it because he has never been happy doing that kind of work. Stick with the University gig and try to work it out for a stateside job - even commuting to the University (which is not based in Dc) would be preferable to the current situation.

So B* is suppose to return in August - is it a visit or extended stay remains to be determined. He knows that I am expecting us to move forward with the DE IVF in September. He mentions parenting occasionally but I worry that he is still not 100% in - not much I can do about this with him.

I told him I am anxious about his return in August, he said he is doing the work of two people right now so that we can all be together (the all includes the dogs of course).

Drugs -
I finally called my psychiatrist last week and told her that Zoloft was just not doing it for me - she prescribed a tricyclic - an oldy but a goody - for me to take before I go to bed to help with sleep and anxiety. So far it is doing the trick, although I must admit feeling a little fuzzy on days 1 & 2 of the new med.

Rock and Roll --
My 38 year old sister went to a 3 day concert (she flew to Tennessee from NYC) - - slept in a tent, showered in a truck and used a port-o-john for three days. I think this might be my definition of hell. Hanging out with a bunch of 20-somethings who are drugged out, sweaty and dirty in the hideous 90 degree plus heat. I told her that for all the money she spent to go to the concert (probably $500) she should have splurged on a hotel room. Her comment, "I would have missed stuff, and everyone was in a tent." - 80,000 people attended. I don't get it.


Changing Expectations said...

I hope that things work out with B. Keep us posted.

I hate camping and tents of all kinds. My sister is totally into it, she loves the outdoors. For me, hotel room preferably nice hotel room is the ticket.

Benderochka said...

It would be hell for me too! I have experienced something similar with an outdoor toilet and no showers. OUch, never again!
Great things are moving ahead with the DE!! Things are looking good.

Lara said...

Uck! 90 degrees in humidity with sweaty people? Not my idea of fun in any realm!

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I wonder why sex, drugs and rock and roll are often found together to start a drinking spree that finishes with the clothes on the floor and an excruciating hangover.

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