Friday, June 15, 2007

menopause quiz

Here is a quiz - I don't completely agree with all of the answers. Sort of skewed towards phytoestrogens - which not everyone sees as a panacea for the symptoms. I scored 70 out of 100 - which makes me knowledgeable but I did also learn a few things.

Menopause quiz

I had another big fight with B* - a collection agency called looking for him - and he accused me of taking pleasure in bringing him bad news and having a generally negative aura. I do have a negative aura - and it stinks - I called my psychiatrist yesterday and asked that we tweak my meds - they are not working properly.

Hopefully a sunnier update soon.

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Changing Expectations said...

I only got a 55 out of 100. Bummer, I did learn a lot though. Sorry to hear that things are not going well with B. Hope things turn around soon.