Monday, June 11, 2007

The dogs

Today was my big day with the dog behaviorist. She was at my house for 4 1/2 hours - She is a DVM and she has a second degree in Behavior (I can't recall the acronym). Besides being expensive it was exhausting. No quick fixes for the boy dogs who fight and exhibit fear aggression.

She has suggested some medical tests for the aggressor, she thinks he might have some medical issues that are making him more irritable. For anxiety she has suggested putting both boys on Sam-E which you can buy at Whole Foods, etc. I also was show some training tricks to get their attention refocused on me and off of each other.

After she left I took a nap - I was completely exhausted. And this is just he beginning of the process with them. Much more work to be done, vet visit, practicing training tricks, and then meds and phone consults - I can't even think about how much effort this will require on top of everything else I am juggling.

deep sigh.....

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Daisy said...

I can't agree more with the food change. I am a dog person myself and have had many types of dogs(hyper, high-strung, anxious, aggressive, etc.). Diet can make a world of difference. I would feed my dogs a higher protein food in the mornings when they were more active and were walked, and a more carb-based food in the evening that would burn off quickly and allow them to settle. It turns out that it works for people too. Who knew?

Don't you love the dog "trainers" that say that your emotions dictate how the dogs will behave and react. It's Freud and the blame "the mother" regurgitated into the animal behavior world. Hello? There are other factors. I guess guilt appeals to some people. Anyway, it sounds like you are hooked up with a good behaviorist. It is a lot of work. I can sympathize.