Wednesday, June 13, 2007

criss-crossing the globe - ISO IVF Vacation

Apparently there is now a website ivfvacation operated by a couple based in Ohio who help women travel to the Czech republic to do IVF and DE IVF.

IVF - a 21 day visit to the Czech Republic
$6,938 (includes airfare for two people)

DEIVF - 10 day trip to the Czech Republic
$8,483 (two people)

Ok - yes, much cheaper but is it worth it? This feels too important to take these types of risks if it can be avoided.

The information is included in a longer article U.S. women crossing globe for fertility help posted today on MSNBC website.


Shellie said...

Hi - interestingly enough, I came across your blog because of this one post. I wanted to comment that I am heading to the Czech Republic 11/28 for IVF/DE, and I'm very excited about my decision, and given that you posted this topic over a year ago, and I see you are still not pregnant, maybe it might be something of interest to you now, rather than just a long ago post. Feel free to follow my blog and I'll be happy to update you with the process when I return.

Anonymous said...

Hi, how was your experience?

Anonymous said...


I just want to let folks know that I traveled to the Czech Republic for Donor IVF this past July of 2011(we did a double donation of sperm and egg). I am now two months and 4 days pregnant with twins. We saw their heartbeats for the first time last Friday.

The three clinics I considered in the Czech Republic were Gennet (in Prague), Reprofit (in Brno), and Klinika Reprodukcni (in Zlin). I ultimately settled on Reprofit and have not regretted it.

For anyone interested, here is their website:

Good luck,
Satisfied in Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

We are in Czech now, implantation tomorrow. Being a little adventurous, we planned everything directly with the clinic, Helios Sanatorium in Brno. Doing so saved us a thousand dollars, but the trade off is not so much hand holding along the way. If you aren't comfortable with overcoming language hurdles, or getting lost in a foreign country scares you, definitely go with Craig and Marcela, of IVFvacation dot com. I talked to him at length on the phone, and he was very helpful. As it is, my husband is retired Navy, and speaks German. I was a substitute teacher for many years and love to travel and explore. Six months of daily commuting to NYC had taught me how to get around in a strange city. We made this our honeymoon trip and so took 22 days rather than ten. Then we got plane tickets and Eurail global passes. We picked a half-dozen cities and packed extremely light-just two sets of clothes each, and three weeks worth of toiletries, a 7 inch Android tablet instead of my laptop. We are staying in hostels, with the clinic time packed in the middle of the trip. . We are presently at Pension Club Juventus, literally just around the corner from the clinic. Our room is well appointed and cost us less than 40 dollars a night. We got up this morning to find the manager had left us a bag with rolls, apples, and tea, which we supplemented with cheese and meat from the grocery store about a block away. This is typical of our breakfasts and lunches. Dinners are sumptious affairs at one of the readily available good restaurants. The experience has been awesome. We would definitely do it again.