Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Psychiatrist and update

Yes the Prednisone is throwing me into anxious depressive mood (according to the psychiatrist)- so I need to call her in 2 weeks after my head has cleared. In the meantime use Klonopin as needed.

B* called to tell me he misses me and the little dogs. He also wanted to report that he is picking up some extra $$ doing executive training in a few weeks so that is happy news in our financial crunch days.

Real estate is going to take a while before it delivers on the promise of any real $$$ so I will just have to hang in there I guess.

I am totally into the Sopranos wind down although these episodes are really hard to watch - depressing, dark, Tony's spiral into hell.


Lara said...

Hi Jade! I'm about to start taking prednisone (apparently a very low dose). I actually start taking it tomorrow. Is it really that bad? Were you taking it for infertility reasons? What is your dose? I already suffer from anxiety (I take prozac for it) so I'm not too excited to hear it causes anxiety and depression. Ugh!
hugs 2 u

daisy said...

Prednisone is The Devil, but it works. That's why it's still around. I only took it once several years ago and I turned into a needy-bitchy mess. I just didn't know what to expect. I was unprepared. How long is your perscription? Will you be on it for a long time?
Big hug,

Lara said...

hello! me again! Turns out my prednisone dose is only 2.5mgs, so its WAYYY lower than what you're taking. I've been taking it for awhile and had no ill effects yet thank heaven! How r u doing with it? Any better? I hope so! Take care!