Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I am free flowing anxiety today.

It could be the prednisone I am taking for my poison ivy.

Or the fact that therapy group insisted that I look at the "what if" scenario of B* not following through on DE - and me having to do it alone and be sacked with tons of debt.

Or that I am still having reverb from coming off the effexor (now on zoloft). Getting off has felt worse than what got me taking it in the first place!!!!

I am seeing my psychiatrist this afternoon so maybe she will have some insight.

Here is the update after meeting with the Psychiatrist:

Yes the Prednisone is throwing me into anxious depressive mood (according to the psychiatrist)- so I need to call her in 2 weeks after my head has cleared. In the meantime use Klonopin as needed.

B* called to tell me he misses me and the little dogs. He also wanted to report that he is picking up some extra $$ doing executive training in a few weeks so that is happy news in our financial crunch days.

Real estate is going to take a while before it delivers on the promise of any real $$$ so I will just have to hang in there I guess.

I am total into the Sopranos wind down although these episodes are really hard to watch - depressing, dark, Tony's spiral into hell.

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Changing Expectations said...

Poison Ivy sucks!!!!!!!I am so allergic to that stuff. Paranoia sets in in the spring re: all things outside. Sounds like you are having a rough day. Hang in there. Hopefully your psychiatrist will have some good thoughts.