Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another Birthday

I've just commemorated another birthday - since 40 it just all feels like it's just about getting old. Fighting the aging process. I never thought I would become so vain about these things.

So now I am 43, quite old to be contemplating pregnancy (including the potential for multiples). I use to think I was in great shape but now with the onset of menopause I am questioning my confidence in my physical resiliency.

This is the year of big change, mark my words....


Summer said...

Happy Birthday, Jade!

If it's any consolation, my SIL was 49 when she got pregnant with twins (via DE/IVF, of course) and celebrated her 50th when she was in her 2nd trimester. It was tough on her physically, but she has no regrets. She also doesn't have a partner/husband to share this with, but I know she is happy and is now contemplating adopting more kids.

It probably doesn't get any easier, but raising kids is hard no matter what age you do it at.

calliope said...

happy birthday!!!

Changing Expectations said...

Happy Birthday!!!