Friday, April 20, 2007


I am so tired.

1. Taking care of 4 dogs by myself
(my baby boy reinjured himself this week, had to get stitches again and is back in the cone for 2 more weeks!)

2. Waiting for B* to come back, and not knowing how long he will be staying.
(I can't get a straight answer which makes me think he will be home for 10 days and then turnaround and go back to Australia - "to make more money for us" he claims)

3. Trying to kick start work in Real Estate so I can make some extra money so I can pay off current debt and save money for DE in the fall.
(In addition to my university job I have been filing paperwork all week and will be doing my first open house this sunday)

4. The DE Coordinator ignored my last email.
(maybe she thinks I am just playing at all of this since B* is out of the country and we are on temporary hold)

I guess I just feel like ranting a little.


Summer said...

Wish there was something I could do for you.

I can relate to your situation with B somewhat. For a long time Mr. W had a business two time zones away. He would talk about coming home on a certain day but inevitably his stay would get extended. It drove me crazy because I could handle him being away for a long time if I knew the exact day he would be back. But this pushing back the date was almost intolerable.

I know that doesn't help you much. I guess I just wanted to say that I can imagine how you must be feeling.

Changing Expectations said...

No wonder you are tired. Tackling each of these alone would be enough, but all of them together is especially tough. I would be super irritated about your DE coordinator not responding to your email. That is what she is there for. Hang in there. Thinking about you.

Lara said...

and I Oh how frustrating for you! I'm alone too, and I totally understand about having to do it ALL while the man is away! DH is deployed for six months to Afghanistan, so I'm in the same boat. (however we have 15 DEs on ice so I may actually get knocked up while he's gone! hee hee imagine the stories going around about me?) Hope your baby boy feels better soon! xo Lara