Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Grumpy rant

I went to yoga at lunch time but I am still in my funk. B* is starting to call me a bully again - which is code for "you are making me do something I don't want to do" (not really code I guess). He will know shortly if he is expected to spend the summer in Australia. Now, he does have a right to say no to them, but he doesn't want to - it is his career afterall.

What does this mean? 10 days at home and then back down under. And...there is the possibility that he will also be teaching over there for the fall - through November - so that works out to 11 months. If I was knocked up maybe I would care less, right now it just feels like a big burden - he is not sending me enough money and I have to do everything over here. And who knows if he really wants to have a baby - it's hard to tell when someone is so far away and puts their career above all else.

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