Monday, April 30, 2007

DXA Scan - More Reminders

Today was my DXA scan - to test my bone density (!!!!). Us menopause women who don't produce signficant amounts of estrogen run the risk of osteoporosis. I had to fill out a form in the waiting room where I was able to refer to myself as menopausal - oh the joy. This is the official beginning of bones going brittle and body turning to dust.

Unlike a pap smear or other x-ray like experiences, you leave your clothes on - but unsnap your bra and unzipper your pants. The machines moves up and down your spine and sounds like a game of Ms. Pac Man.

At the end the nurse (or technician) asked me if I had any questions. She isn't really allowed to answer any questions, but she is suppose to ask.

Honestly, I don't expect a negative result - I've been excercising my entire adult life, but you never know.

I could see the pictures of my bones on her computer screen but she refused to comment on how I looked - "you will get your results in 5 days...."

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Summer said...

I wonder why the nurse/tech is told to ask if patients have questions if they can't really give patients an answer? Seems odd.

In any case, hope your results are good.