Friday, March 30, 2007

My baby boy & other updates

My baby boy Bozo had a run in this week with another one of my dogs resulting in stitches to his lower eyelid and the indignity of this cone for the next 10 days.

On a brighter note, Bozo (despite his infirmity) passed the test to be admitted into the Dog Agility Training program. His half brother is national champion so it is in the DNA.

I'm working on my realtor's license and plan to start showing houses some time next month ($$$). B* is back on May 7th and I am hoping we can come up with a DE game plan then. I am going to get him in to see the DE counselor so we can talk through any "issues" he might have. We don't have to do this, but I am going to tell him that it was strongly recommended.


calliope said...

lots of good stuff there (well aside from the cone wearing dog!)

VERY impressed about you getting your Real estate license. yay you!

I hope that the counselor is able to put the DE information out there so that B is able to digest it better. Being alone in a boat for this stuff is hard.


Susie said...

Owww how cute. Bozo looks like he should be on the Jetsons.

Great that you are moving forward with the real estate stuff.

Rae said...

Bozo looks very dapper in his space collar! Good luck with the DE counseling....i'm so glad you are plowing forward to find your dreams.