Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Like Ike -

Just back from a fabulous and exhausting trip to Australia. I will post pictures later, I still need to upack and find my camera!!!

As for B* - things are in a much better place. Although he is enamored of Australia he is also quite homesick which explains some of his crazy behavior (it's not intuitive but what man is?). He will be home in May (for the whole summer more than likely) and may have to return for one more semester in the fall. I made him promise that we would do the donor egg before he leaves for the fall semester - and he said "yes, yes, yes, ofcourse." He even picked out a name for our future child - a boy's name ofcourse - my favorite South Park character. Ike.


calliope said...

welcome home!!
thank you so much for you e-mail. It really helped.
can't wait for photos.

Inglewood said...

So glad things went well. Long distance communication about big issues can be difficult.

Carol said...

that's great news - I am so happy to hear that you two were able to iron some things out in person. And May will be here very soon!