Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Greetings from Sydney

I've landed and B* should be arriving in the next 30 minutes - very very very anxious about dealing with him right now given that he is the source of so much for me right now. But hey, I am on the other side of the planet and this is a pretty exciting place to be so I am going to try and not let our big life problems get in the way of enjoying myself (we'll see).

In the $$$ category of issues I have decided to reactivate my real estate license and do a little moonlighting on the side. I've talked to a realtor friend of mine and she is totally pumped to have me work for her showing houses to potential buyers and if I make the sale I get part of the comission. If I sell three houses that $12,000 right there. She has more business than she can possibly handle and is grateful for the assistance.

This way I am not dependent on B* for the mortgage, and I can start saving for my own fertility fund (with or without him). GIRLPOWER plain and simple. I am actually quite excited about making the extra dough and I like looking at other people's houses.

While in Sydney I am hoping to hook up with IF and the City and
The Journey both of whom are pursuing motherhood - one now successfully with donor egg. We are hoping to meet for brunch in Manly on Sunday. Very Cool!

More later, ciao from down under.


broken said...

its always good to arm yourself with a game plan. Thats awesome. You are obviously a very positive person. Good for you.
I'm going to keep watching you!

Lara said...

Where are you??? Are you OK??? It's been over a week now since you posted and it was a bit ambiguous as to how things were going to go. I hope you're just enjoying your Va-Cay in Sydney and aren't traumatized by some horrible event brought on by your man. Blog soon!