Friday, February 23, 2007

Vacation to Australia - A Needed Distraction

My vacation to Australia is just a little more than a week away and I am starting to get quite excited. I will be in Sydney from March 8-11 and Adelaide March 12-16. Restaurant and shopping recommendations are greatly appreciated! I am also hoping to get together for a drink with some of my IF/DE blogger pals.

We are staying at the Four Points Sheraton in Darling Harbour (tourist central) and plan to explore all of the neccesary attractions: the Rocks, Aquarium, Opera House, Manly Beach, Watson's Bay. All recommendations are welcome. In Adelaide I will probably do a nearby winery tour and I think we are planning an overnight at Kangaroo Island which looks fabulous (see picture above).

No word back yet from the donor on moving the date but I am going to assume that this works for her (pray that it works I should say).


Inglewood said...

When I read the post from 2 posts ago, my heart broke. I wanted to get on a plane and bonk him on the head! S is very much like that, avoids or lies to avoid a big hoopla not realizing the consequence damages trust which is far worse.

A vacation sounds great, have a great time, enjoy each other and maybe come home with some lovely sperm on ice...? :)

Have a BLAST!

Calliope said...

wow. a vacation like this sounds wonderful.
Take lots of photos, pretty please!!