Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Thanks for all the kind notes on my last entry re: Feeling Left Behind. One Note: not all my favorite bloggers are pregnant - but there has been a fertile patch lately for a number of you. And perhaps the rest of us just have to hang on a little bit longer.

I spoke with the Donor coordinator and she is going to speak with the donor and see if the one month delay is okay. She did suggest shipping the sperm over from Australia if all else fails - I am hoping it doesn't come to this.

Here is the optimism - ie the title of the post:
My clinic's stats for 2006:

pregnancy rate with anonymous donor egg is 100%
pregnancy rate into second tri-mester with anonymous donor egg is 82%

55% singleton
41% twins
5% triplets

I point out anonymous donor above because directed donor success rates are lower (makes sense).

But these are good stats if I can just get B* to give me his sperm in a timely fashion. I joked with the donor coordinator today that if I have to give up on B*'s sperm, I'm definetly going for taller.


Susie said...

Hey Jade.. .why can't you and donor start to cycle and then when it is time for EPU B* can come back, do his bit, then go again... then you can have a fresh transfer for ET... Truely he needs to step up to the plate and contribute!

Summer said...

Wow, those are great stats.

How many donor cycles did your clinic do last year?

Sparkle said...

Some of our clinics have a stat for 'take home baby'!

Sorry you're feeling left behind ... but you will catch up quickly.