Monday, February 19, 2007

Feeling Left Behind

All my favorite bloggers are preggers and I am feeling left behind. Happy for them and quite jealous at the same time.

This is made worse by the fact that B* will not be back from Australia until the beginning of May. This is new, he has known for quite a while but I just figured it out and got him to fess up. He had lead me to believe that his gig would be over in late March. I am more than a little upset -

1. because he lied (he said to avoid the drama - well guess what, this makes it worse!)
2. because I have to wait that much longer to get started and May is my b-day (43~) and I really really wanted to be pregnant before my f-ing birthday
3. because this could be an issue for the donor we have in the que

I have emailed the donor coordinator to make sure this timing issue doesn't screw things up. I also indicated we would do what was necessary to make it work. I know B* would pitch more than a fit if he had to do a 2 day trip to the states for this purpose but he is such sh*t for lying to me.


Rachel Inbar said...

I can imagine how upset you are. Trust is a pretty critical thing. I'm sorry he betrayed yours & I hope he'll come through for you when you need him.

Susie said...

Do you mind if I keep you company? I am feeling a little left behind as well. If feels as if when I go one step forward, I fall two steps back. Bummer about B. I hope it all works out for you

Carol said...

Sorry about B's timing. Can he fedex a frozen sample from Aus? Or maybe he can come for a visit?

And sorry you feel left behind. You'll catch up soon - I know you will!!

Calliope said...

I may not be one of your favorite bloggers ;-), but I am certainly not knocked up either and I have three good blogger friends all due between now & hurts, that duality of "thrilled for them" and "hurting for myself".

Summer said...

Late March and beginning of May is a big difference in time. I wouldn't be too happy either with B, especially since you scheduled a donor cycle based on his schedule. I think Carol's idea is a good one. Maybe you can still go through with your cycle with a frozen sample from B?

I understand how you feel about being left behind. I was also thinking about the spate of pregnancies we've had in the IF blogosphere. Wonderful news on one hand, but on the other, well, I missed the train for fertiles and now I feel like I also managed to miss the train for infertiles, too, or something.