Saturday, January 06, 2007

BRAVE New World? Embryo Bank Stirs Ethics Fears

'Embryo Bank' Stirs Ethics Fears
Firm Lets Clients Pick Among Fertilized Eggs

Washington Post 1/06/07

The latest in the exploitation of the Donor Egg trade is on the front page of Saturday's Washington Post. The Abraham Center of Life, based in San Antonio, TX, is the first commercial dealer making embryos in advanced for unspecified recipients. The goal, they claim is to make it more affordable for more people, embryos cost $2500. One batch of 22 embryos, created using genetically fit donors, were sold in batches of two to several different couples.

The fact is that donor egg, embryo and adopted embryo is a field that is ripe for abuse - there are no laws and cash is king.

But what about the people who want to be parents? The article quotes a woman who has already been through three failed donor attempts but refuses to stop trying.

Personally, my greatest fear is that they will make it illegal in the US before I can start my donor egg cycle. All this controversy just gives me a greater sense of urgency.

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Summer said...

I'm confused by this article. At first it seems like they have frozen embryos stored waiting to be "picked" and they are doing FET. But, later they write about it as if this is just a place that offers both egg donors and sperm donors and the cycles start out as fresh cycles (some as shared cycles) with the extras frozen away. This doesn't sound any different than the usual IVF except that there is donor sperm involved. When I went to the site for this company, it looks like they are a run of the mill donor egg agency.

Is this a case of the media misinterpreting the situation or is this company putting a new "spin" on their service for the media attention and free advertising? If it's the second, that would make me really angry since, like you said, this has the potential to turn into something ugly and lead to, at the best, restrictions to egg donation.