Thursday, January 18, 2007

BIG QUESTION: Should I Change Clinics? Part 2

I called the Very Large Clinic and left 2 messages and finally reached a human on the 3rd attempt.

Here is what I found out:
1. Large Clinic has raised its prices and is in fact more exspensive than my current RE (small clinic). $27,000 for one DE cycle !!! Most woman do shared cycles which lowers the cost. hmmmmm....

2. Large Clinic currently has 30 currently available donors - but not all are available for single recipient cycle (donors who are known to produce 20 follicles have been designated for shared use - up to 3 recipients in one cycle!!!)

3. Large Clinic does 400 donor egg procedures annually - and there are 60 women cycling as we speak!!!!!

Needless to say, I do no think this is the right course of action for me. I want someone who is actually going to read my file and know who I am - with 60 women cycling at anyone time (just in the donor egg program - forget about IVF) how can 18 doctors possibly be able to keep it all straight?

Given the current options I am going to ride it out a little longer and see if my RE finds a donor for me. I would rather pay the extra money to a donor agency and bring my own donor to my RE and get the hand holding I need, instead of giving it to large clinic who will never be able to remember my name.

That's the current thinking - thanks to everyone who posted a comment, it all helps me to process through this stuff.


Carol said...

Glad to hear that you called the other clinic and got some more info to help you make your decision. Hopefully something will come through with your current clinic or a donor agency.

sharing the donor cycle seems wierd to me. Seems like you'd want all those eggs so you could have some frozen for later tries.

Jade said...

Carol - they said that they are able to have shared cycles because they are moving towards only putting one fertilized embryo back which still leaves several for freezing. But I agree with you, I would rather be able to have a bunch that can go to freezing because they won't all make it. They claim that women had were ending up with lots of left over that they didn't need.

Shared cycles is cheaper but I think it is a slippery slope on the ethics side.

Inglewood said...

Big clinic does sound a bit too big.