Friday, January 26, 2007

The Benefits of a Small Clinic

Waiting in my mailbox last night when I arrived home was the profile of the donor my clinic mentioned earlier in the week. The Donor Coordinator decided to mail it to me for review even though they are still waiting for the final clearances on the psych evaluation.

The coloring is spot on - red hair (Me: natural redhead in childhood, enhanced in adulthood), green eyes (me: hazel), fair complexion - yes.

Her interests: politics, creative writing, animals/pets - this is me too!

She is pursuing graduate studies in political science(which means she could be a student at the University where I work).

She was born in 1977. The year I got my first period!! kismet :)

The one incongruancy - she is 5'3" and I am 5'7 1/2" but in the scheme of things this is not a deal breaker. Tall is better (B* is also a shrimpo at 5'8" on a very tall day) but I believe that each generation gets successively taller and the donor's brother is 6'2" so there is a tall gene in there somewhere.

I emailed Donor Coordinator this morning and will swing by this afternoon to check out the photo. She is working with 15 couples right now but thought of me as soon as she met this young woman - THIS is the BENEFIT of a SMALL CLINIC!!

I am quite excited and will provide an update later today!

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Carol said...

she sounds perfect! Oooh, I have chills for you. I sooo hope this works out!