Friday, January 05, 2007

Adelaide, AU - Quaint City

The RE has determined that labs from Australia are A-Ok. B* is actually not in Sydney (despite the photo), he is based in Adelaide which he describes as quaint, easy to get around and about 20 years behind.

Some of my favorites of his Adelaide observations:

-grocery store is in the basement of the Woolworths
-Everything is much smaller scale- not oversized like the US
-there is a Target and an Ikea(important brands in our household)
-He ate sushi that came around on a little train
-People are very laid back

Me, I go home every night and deal with the demands of 4 dogs. The other night the boys (dogs) went out in the back and started howling at the moon. B* said that dogs do this when a member of their pack is missing and thought to be dead. He was concerned that the dogs think he is dead.

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