Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Blood and More Humiliation

I went to my ob-gyn today to get all the tests done that are required for the Donor Egg program. I was informed that my insurance might not want to cover it because my annual was last February. I said to the nurse - "code it as something else" and she said well you can talk to the doctor first.

Fine, so I talked to the doctor - the one who referred me to my RE - and updated him on my whole tale of whoa.

Doctor said, "Are you getting the support you need?" but before I could really answer the question he was on to the next item, it was a pro-forma question - my mistake for taking it as care and concern.

When I told him we were waiting until March when B* gets back from Australia to inseminate he said that's too bad. Not a helpful remark given my own anxiety about waiting.

I asked if he thought it was normal to be more depressed than usual with all the hormone changes and everything else and he said "yes it's normal, are you having thoughts of suicide?" No I said.

Don't forget to take your calcium and be sure not to eat any raw fish while pregnant - I'm sitting there thinking don't you think I am a little past the safe pregnancy lecture with all I have been through?

These questions and statements just kept popping out of him the whole time -

Then they took 4 viles of blood and it hurt. I picked up the safe pregnancy information booklet and drove home, I was done.

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Anonymous said...

I have found a HUGE difference between my gp, even the obgyns and the hospital and my RE. Usually it is the young residents wide-eyed and eager that are great, but in this circumstance the RE docs who have experience seem to be gentler and more unsderstanding. This has been my experience anyway, I know there are a few RE horror stories in the IF blogs.

A girlfriend of mine has a habit of saying, 'when you have a baby remember to.....'. It is probably great advice she is giving and is well meaning. I just want to flee the room.

Thanks for posting your donor egg questions, your choice and why you chose who you did. It was quite interesting. Wishing you the best in March.