Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Lot's of Q's and A's - My visit with the Donor Egg Coordinator

Today I got to ask all my questions of the Donor Egg Coordinator - she is probably 28 and very serious. Here is what I found out:

Q: What is the current rate of success with DE at this office?
A: Since I started in August we have worked with 10 couples all of whom have become pregnant, 8 with Twins.

Q: Did any choose selective reduction?
A: No, although one pregnancy became a singleton at 8 weeks.

Q: Why are you using Utah donors (we are in DC)?
A: One of our doctors knows someone out there who used to work in Virginia and they have more donors than recipients in Utah (no suprise).

Q: Are these donors mormons?
A: About 50%

Q: Does it cost more to use a Utah donor?
A: No because their fee is lower, so the funds are used to pay for their travel and per diem while they are in town.

Q: What is/is not covered for the $24,000?
A: Donor meds, IVF but not ICSI. Not covered are the required blood work ups on donor recipients, donor recipient meds ($1,000), freezing ($2,000) or FET cycle if necessary.

Q: How long will it take once we select a donor?
A: Approximately 6 weeks - sync cylces (I have none so that is easy), supress, stims, retrieval and transfer.

Q: Can we select the donor now but wait to start the cycle?
A: That is usually not a problem if it is a month or so.

And that was it - I have my files of 3 candidates and will provide my reviews shortly.

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Summer said...

Hi Jade. I found your blog through Thalya and have just caught up on your posts. I will likely also do DE/IVF so I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your experience.