Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Donor selection - The girl with the best eggs wins

It turns out my email from the Donor Coordinator was delayed and she resent me the list after my little pesky email yesterday.

She sent 7 profiles (very short like - height, weight, age, coloring, hobbies, ethnic origin). I am instructed to pick the most interesting 3 and she will give me their full medical files and essays, etc. to review. I can also look at child and adult pics in the RE's office.

I consulted this morning with someone who just went through a similar process with getting Sperm and she said something very profound,

" In the end, we picked the donor with the highest sperm count and disregarded most of the stuff we went in thinking was important."

I think she is right, pick the person with the best fertility - who cares if they are interested in greek literature or play multiple instruments. You want this to work. (She also agreed that tall was on her list of important features. )

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