Friday, December 15, 2006

Donor #124 Is Available

I don't have the lock down in writing confirmation but it appears that Donor #124 will be traveling to Africa in January (reminder - I was hoping this would be the case because B* is out of the country until mid-March) and will therefore be available to start syncing cycles in February but not before. It's all good. I wanted her as the donor and now it appears that it will work out.

I've been feeling draggy today, work is slow and there is a gross lack of direction and ambiguity that drives me insane. I also have to get my finances into rehab pronto. No shopping therapy or spending quick fixes for my moods these days.

In other sidebar type news we took Mr. the Dog to check out a local dog Agility course to see if it would make for a good hobby. He needs better hobby than his current one of destroying the house. He was quickly jumping over the poll and reveling in his accomplishments so I am planning to start his Agility lessons in early January. He clearly felt important on the ride home sitting up on the arm rest peering out at the oncoming traffic.

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