Tuesday, December 12, 2006

DONOR #124 - Answer the Questions Correctly and Win an All Expenses Paid Trip to Our Nation's Capitol

I've settled on #124.
Why #124?
**She's tall
**1350 on her SAT's
**Planning to attend med-school
**Two generations of scientists in her family
**She's 21
**She's attractive (she doesn't really look like me but her coloring and face shape are similar)
I had a good gut feeling from her profile and picture

Being a good donor is about egg quality when you get right down to it. Intelligence was a factor that also loomed large as I reviewed the candidate profiles.

I left a message for the Donor Coordinator who will be back in the office tomorrow. She has already let the office in Utah know that there is someone actively interested in donor 124.

My NEW big anxiety - Timing

B* is leaving Mid-Jan and not back until late March. Which means if I want fresh and not frozen sperm I am going to have to wait until late March for the insemination. I am concerned that the donor will not want to wait that long - technically it is a delay of about 6-7 weeks. The pros of the delay for her will be time off during the holidays etc so I am hoping that she is amenable. There was also something in her profile about hoping to travel to Africa in January -- I told the coordinator that I hoped she still wanted to go :)

It is going to be hard to wait until March - yes the drugs will start several weeks earlier but it still feels so far away. There is sooooo0 much waiting with all of this stuff it often feels interminable. The upside of the wait is that it gives B* and I a little more time to get our fiscal house in order.

Every time a see a pregnant woman (especially at the gym) I get a twinge of jealousy.


Anonymous said...

wow!! congrats on chosing a donor- I know this was a HUGE deal.

I hope the timing isn't too nuts for you.

Summer said...

This is quite exciting, even though there may still be a wait.

How many candidate profiles were you given or have access to?

Jade said...

I was given short stats on 7 candidates (height, coloring, age,etc) that they thought best fit with what I am looking for a in a donor. From that list I was asked to select my top 3 to review full profiles. I narrowed it to 1 and then went to the office to view her picture.

If no one on the list had seemed like a good fit we would review the list again in a few weeks as the donor pull was updated. There is a constant stream of new donors coming into the pool. There are bigger pools in DC Metro area at the bigger clinics but the trade off is that these places are like factories and you get a lot less personal attention. This is the office I have been going to now for nearly a year so I get the continuity as well as personal attention.