Thursday, December 21, 2006

DE Quality Concern

After reading Sparkle's latest blog entry at IF and the City I totally freaked out about working with a Utah donor through a Utah RE's office - even though they will be working directly with my RE's office. If you click through and read the entry you will see that the donor cycle was a failure, only one good egg to put back and none made it to freezing. As Sparkle points out, her cycles were better than the donor's cycle.

Now granted the situation is quite different. In Australia you have to basically find your own donor and they cannot be legally compensated. I will be investing $24,000 plus to ensure that everything goes off like clock work.

In any case, I emailed my donor coordinator today because it has been a week and still no confirm on #124 and she is leaving the country shortly to go to Africa for a month and will not be reachable. I am concerned that we are already off to a bad start with the Utah clinic and if they are not operating at the same level of care as my RE's office I am not sure that going with #124 is such a great idea.

I received the following reassurance from the donor coordinator:

I understand your concern and who knows, maybe by march we will have found some donors in the area that would work for you. If not, and we go ahead with 124, the beginning of her cycle would be in Utah, however once she starts stimulating, she will come out here for the critical monitoring. Also, keep in mind Dr.*** will be monitoring her from the very beginning, only instead of doing bloodwork here, it will be called over from there. He will work out the protocol, dosage, etc, so you do have that assurance of control.

While we monitor, if we see the donor isn't doing well, we will cancel the cycle and do another, without penalizing you the entire cost of another cycle. Depending on where in the cycle it is cancelled, you would have a credit towards the next cycle, and that is something Dr. *** would work out with the billing department. The donor would still be paid a small stipend for taking the injectibles, but since she didn't make it to retrieval, she forfeits the majority of her stipend.

I am not entirely without worry either about this partnership. So far it has been difficult getting answers and information from them, and I think mostly it is due to the fact that they were not adequately prepared for this collaboration, and have gotten a little over their head. Once the holiday passes and the staff prepares for the new year, I really do believe communication will improve between our facilities.

I felt better after receiving this email. I guess I better adjust to the idea that I may have to select another donor. :(

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jade,
Sorry my cycle has freaked you out. I put myself thru a number of scenarios in my head before the cycle started - and none of them prepared me for the one we're going thru now.
While it is illegal to sell eggs here, donors are given all the required testing prior to starting to make sure they're suitable. Both Star and her partner did numerous tests and she'd had an ultrasound etc.
The cycle monitoring is exactly the same as if it were your own cycle. I'm confident in all of that.
I think that because of the fantastic medical funding here for IVF (we'll get back more than 80% of our costs from medicare), doctors have less pressure on them and tend to think - just cycle again. It was the same when we were cycling.
In saying that, I'm going to be getting a second opinion on this cycle before we take our next steps.
I don't think you need to worry about cycling with a donor not in the same state - that part will be fine.
Hey did you say you're coming to Sydney?