Monday, November 06, 2006

quick update - d-day redux

Spoke to the RE Nurse this afternoon and got my latest numbers -
e2 - 202
fsh - 11.2
She said d/c the estrogen patch and come back in 2 weeks. I had to ask what d/c means (discontinue). So a normally fertile person would think that these numbers look strange and aren't that great. But for me these numbers are relatively good news. Yes the high estrogen number disguises the "real" fsh but that's okay. The point of the estrogen therapy was to turn off the FSH overdrive signal to the ovaries. Give the ovaries a rest so that they might be able to be more responsive to the clang clang of the FSH bells. Flooding my system with estrogen has this effect.

Now we wait to see if my follies start to grown on their own. If they don't my estrogen will crash and my FSH will shoot right back up - the next two weeks are going to be about good nutrition, low stress, acupuncture, excercise and sleep. That's all I can do. And if it's not enough, well- I've done my best.

As for work - the review went better than I thought, however they are going to wait 6 months to fill the position (trial period for me I guess). I get to do the job without the title or the money and then if they think I am capable - -well then I get the promotion.

I could be mad, but I am not, it's just not that important right now. How unlike me, hmmmm

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