Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Quell Fire is the english name for the herbal supplement my Acupuncturist gave me to take. It has a chinese name (Long Dan Xie Gan Tang) but that's not how it is marketed. I am taking it for the hot flashes and to manage the heat that is burning up all my yin energy.

I mention this because I am worried about the hot flashes returning - a sign that there are no follies and that my estrogen is in the basement (once again). No hot flashes means that my body just might be rebounding into an ovulatory phase (it has happened before - resulting in a chemical pregnancy).

I just downed my Quell Fire tablets and am getting ready to take my Quiet Contemplative tablet - for fortifying the Kidney - chinese name: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan.

Monday I go back for more bloodwork to see what's cookin', never mind that I purchased FSH testing strips so I can torture myself in the interim.

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Anonymous said...

Your on the same herbs I was taking. Off the herbs and still no hot-flashes. Really pulling for you.

Still working on the acupuncture post, will let you know when it is up.