Thursday, November 09, 2006

One step forward

I made the call to the infertitility counselor. This is required in order to be cleared to proceed with DE.

We have an appointment for next FRIDAY. She is sending us reading material before the appointment.

When I called to schedule the appointment she started listing off all the issues we are going to have to address as we proceed and my head started to spin.

I am perfectly comfortable telling my friends, but the thought of telling my parents is beyond horrifying - and what about the child? how can you tell all your friends and not tell your own child, it could turn into one of those Lifetime movies where years from now I need a kidney and I am in a coma and they do a DNA match and my child finds out that our DNA doesn't match and then the Mother's friend has to break it to the child that I used Donor egg...

Jaclyn Smith can play me in the movie. I suspect that she will still look as good twenty years from now as she does today.


Anonymous said...

I am in the same headspace with telling my parents, so I am deploying a strategy I have seen used to great effect by other people - ignoring the issue.

Of course we will tell them - but probably wait till we're either very far along in the pregnancy or have actually got a baby.

I'm really not interested in anyone else's opinions right now - so if I think people 'can't handle it', I'm not telling them.

Anonymous said...

very interested in what the reading material will be.