Monday, November 20, 2006

Name your anxiety: bloodwork, Ikea,Dog manicures

hate it!
This morning I had to explain to the nurse what I needed done and why - don't you love when that happens. By 2:30 p.m. I will have my latest and greatest e2 which let me know (maybe) if I am going to ovulate in the next few weeks. The last time I ovulated we were all still in shorts.

And then, the DE counselor calls. She felt like we rushed things at the end of the session, do we want to come back? tightness in chest much. I told her we would come back in January for another session, given that this is when we plan to pull the big DE lever anyways. B* is already kvetching about the problems with clinical social workers - I am use to his rants by now.

Just to make my life even more anxious than usual, there was the predictable 180 degree by my parents - so now they are coming for Thanksgiving, as well as my dysthymic sister. I spent the weekend trying to get the house together. We moved in July so needless to say there are many unfinished projects - like no curtains in certain rooms, etc. It took 3 trips to Ikea this weekend to get the components for the curtains, and ofcourse you always end up buying shit you really don't need every time you go.

After a Sunday of freneticism and dog manicures, I succumb to suggestive shopping on HSN, as Jennifer Flavin Stallone hawked the latest in post post-40 age reversal creams.

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