Monday, November 20, 2006

My RE has moved on without ME

So I think my RE has moved on without me.
Yes we met about the DE stuff but he also agreed that we should try the estrogen therapy to get the ovaries working again and see if I ovulate.
Today was my big day, to see if I was able to produce estrogen on my own without the patch.
My e2 came back at 30 which is a huge accomplishment but it feels anti-climatic.

When I called in I asked for the RE's recommended next step (like come back in a week to see if it is still going up, etc.). Instead, the nurse tells me that all he said was, "That's good." Huh? She put me on hold and then came back, "The RE said that there is not much to do at this point since your ovaries really haven't been functioning."

So why am I doing acupuncture, yoga, flaxseed oil, chinese herbs and all the other f-ing stuff. Am I delusional? Maybe he was trying to tell me to give up at our last meeting and I missed the cue? Why would he put me back on the estrogen if that was the case? I think this requires another phone call to his office.

I am very pissed. I haven't given up, not yet - am I living in LaLa?

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