Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Menopause the Musical - NOT!

Hot flash relief - at the price of my menstrual cycle. Not that I was really having anything predictable and reliable before but this feel a like a nail in the coffin. Since I get the hot flashes I requested that the RE prescribe something while I wait for the next step in the DE process. The Nurse called and said that they would put me on FemHRT. Reading the description of who this drug is for made me feel old and sad:

FemHRT is a new estrogen/progesterone product made by the pharmaceutical
company Parke Davis. It is a form of HRT,
hormonereplacement therapy, especially made for and only for women who are in menopause,post
menopausal, and have an intact uterus (hysterectomy patients cannot use this
product). This is not a product for women experiencing perimenopause.FemHRT
contains both an estrogen and a form of progesterone. Theestrogen is ethinyl
estradiol and the progesterone is norethindroneacetate. Each pill contains both estrogenand progesteroneand
is taken on a continuous basis. There is 1 milligram ofnorethindroneacetate and
5 micrograms of ethinyl estradiol in eachpill.Women who useFemHRT will not have
a period but can experiencespotting when using thisproduct at first. Spotting
should stop on itsown as a woman's bodyadjusts to FemHRT.FemHRT
is prescribed for women who are in menopause and/or have finished menopause and
are experiencing moderate to severe
vasomotorsymptoms- hot flashes
, night weats, heart
all related to menopause and beyond. FemHRT is also
designed to prevent osteoporosisor
"brittle bone" disease

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