Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Have you seen Running With Scissors?

I went to see Running With Scissors over the weekend and it was a little too close to home. NO I wasn't adopted by my Mother's psychiatrist, and no I didn't decide I was a homosexual at age 13 after a love affairs with a 35 year-old pedophile.

It was close to home because my Mother is a border-line personality and so is the Mother in the movie. At one point during the film my girlfriend M* turned and asked me if I was okay, she knows all about my Mother you see, and I said yes, I'm okay, but this is really painful to watch.

The personality type has various incarnations, my Mother was the "Evil Queen" - think of the Queen in Snow White and you will have a good picture of what I am talking about. It is way beyond narcissist. It is along the lines of the world is conspiring against me and you are all crazy and I am the only one who really understands what is going on.

Sometimes I am amazed that I survived...

Books on Borderline personality disorder:
Understanding the Borderline Mother

Surviving A Borderline Parent

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