Friday, October 27, 2006

The Patch Saved My Life

Does it sound like the lead-in to a corny pharmaceutical commercial? Well perhaps it's a little dramatic, but it is also true.

I wear the Vivelle Patch - you stick this piece of sticky tape on your stomach ever 3 1/2 days and it releases estrogen into your system - bypassing the liver - right into the bloodstream. Without the patch when I am not ovulating I am a mess. Hot flashes up the ying yang, fatigue, irritability - a menu of menopausal symptons. But with the patch, I am reborn - and the sex is better too! So that is my commercial for the Vivelle patch.

B* calls it my scotch tape.

The RE's approach is to use the patch as a strategy to calm down the FSH - get the number down by tricking the brain into thinking that I am ovulating. In turn, the little follies, in the absence of FSH bombardment, become more receptive to the FSH signals and start to cook.

I am not a candidate for the stims because I am stim myself naturally and it is having an adverse affect. The RE says that I don't have that many receptor sensitive follies left and if you scream at them all the time they kind of go deaf in a way - no receptivity. It's like being at a loud concert. The kicker is that even if the follies do respond we have the quality/lack there of to deal with as well which is why I am in the 5% or less category for conception.

I go back to the RE on Monday for blood work to see if the patch is doing it's job. If all is quiet on the Western front we take off the patch and see if the estrogen levels start to rise on their own (indicating folllie development). Last time we tried this my estrogen crashed and it was back to the drawing board. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed as always.


Anonymous said...

good luck on monday!

absolutegray said...

hi-thanks for visiting my blog. For me it made a huge difference in my life. I had no self confidence and no friends. I walked around 24/7 looking down and not looking at people. It was so painful to even think about it. After I healed, I went on to 1)find a boyfriend who is now my husband 2) Make lots of friends in college 3) Be in high school plays and taking drama in college and 4)Major in Speech Communication. I have no problems speaking in front large groups! It helped me tremendously.

I know what you are saying, sometimes cosmetic surgery doesn't fix what's on the inside and when yuou look in the mirror that same person is there. My plastic surgeon warned me of this and he was right. I was one of the lucky eyes, happy with the result physically and emotionally! Good luck to you!!