Thursday, October 19, 2006

Grandparents, Mom & Uncle - 1938

I love this photo. My Grandmother was 23 in this picture. She had her two kids - one at age 19 and the other at age 21 and then she was done.

I take after her quite a bit (we even have the same birth mark). When she got married she didn't even know where babies came from. She is 91 and lives in Brooklyn. She has been in the same apartment since 1942.

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absolutegray said...

Nice photo! My husband's grandma lived till 92. She lived over 60 years in the same small apartment in Astoria, Queens, NY. We joked she could have bought the building with all the rent she paid!! Yes our Moms and grandmas had it easy in a sense. Marriage early, kids early, few women worked!!
I too am a long time Fertility friend member and moving onto adoption!
Good luck!